Ames’® Maximum-Stretch™

Maximum-Stretch 5 gallon

Very Impressive

I first saw the product and what it could do at a demonstration. I later tried the product out myself and was very amazed at how pliable and strong the product really was. After applying I have had not more leaks.

Ames’® Block & Wall Acrylic Coatings™

Block and Wall Liquid Rubber 5 gallon

Best there is!

It’s the only stuff we use now. Thanks, Ames!
-DryPhilly Basement Waterproofing

Ames’® Paint & Prime™

Paint and Prime 5 gallon

Environmentally Friendly Paint

I own a specialty painting business in Oregon and have done extensive research on environmentally safe coatings.

Ames manufactures the best coating products I have found for Oregon’s wet weather. The price, durability, and safety of these products are superb.

Paint & Prime 25 year is a truly revolutionary product. In my painting business we get around 20 gallons of paint for every 15 gallons we buy because we are able to add 5 gallons of water and the paint is still thicker than most.

Ames products are full of integrity and I am grateful to use them.
Jeremy Girard,
President of Paintegrity Earth Friendly Painting

Ames’® Blue Max™

Blue Max 5 gallon

Great product !!

Goes on smooth , great adhesion , fast dry time between coats , impenetrable barrier .. But takes a while to fully cure.
-Barney, The Emerald Triangle

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