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AMES® Paint & Prime® is an interior and exterior high-hiding acrylic blend coating, paint, primer, and waterproofer all in one. Adheres to a variety of surfaces and has a smooth, white, satin finish. *BUY 3 OR MORE 5 GALLON PAILS & GET FREE SHIPPING*

Use on stucco, drywall, concrete, wood & metal

Easy to apply with brush, roller or sprayer

Non-toxic, eco-friendly, low VOC & made in the USA

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Ames® Paint & Prime™ is an interior and exterior high-hiding acrylic blend coating, paint, primer, and water-proofer all in one. Adheres to a variety of surfaces and has a smooth, white, satin finish

3 Reviews

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    Quality products, quality company

    Posted by Nick K on 16th Jul 2016

    Best product I have used. I watched other peoples buildings bubble and peel a couple of years after painting, and others flaking off in a few years. I don't have the budget to keep painting and or repairing the paint. I don't sell my properties, but one. It was a new build, and I prefer the craftsmanship of the home builders pre 40's. Tried the product on one brick triplex, it lasted many years, then tried it on my favorite brick duplex, its still very good. I didn't water it down, but, neither did I have them wash the building first. I had to save the money on the labour. No washing and only one coat.Simple math. Planning to try it out on my latest building, very old aluminum siding. I have faith. Will likely have him use straight water and a brush to clean off the minimal dirt. No solvents. They don't seem to be remotely necessary with this product. The lads did nothing to the other brick buildings in preparation, just painted them. No problems what so ever. This Company is very good.

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    Saves money and time

    Posted by Ken R on 16th Nov 2014

    As a career Marine, I have had to move many times, about every 2 or 3 years. Each time, I made it a practice to purchase fixer uppers. Upon retirement, I became a general contractor in the construction of residential buildings. Thus, I have a good basis to evaluate the Ames Paint and Prime products. Last year, I built my retirement home and used the Ames Paint and Prime products exclusively, satin finish on the interior and exterior walls and gloss for the trim. Paint and Prime proved to be vastly superior to any other product I have ever used plus it offered easy water clean up. We saved substantial amounts of money and a lot of time. I never before realized the savings we could get by eliminating the extra primer coat. One coat of Paint and Prime gave excellent coverage. We used two coats only on sheet rock and in areas where we wanted extra durability and maintenance. The paint was easily applied with sprayer, roller, and brush. The finished texture is beautiful, smooth, and easy to maintain. After moving the furniture in, there were scratches and touchups were easy and became invisible. I found that this paint is superior in every way and meets or exceeds the manufaturers claims. The customer service was excellent and the staff was always ready to help. We were surprised when neighbors and other visitors came by to tell us how beautiful our paint looks. I intend to use and recommend this product exclusively in the future.

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    Full of integrity

    Posted by Jeremy G on 16th Nov 2014

    Environmentally Friendly Paint I own a specialty painting business in Oregon and have done extensive research on environmentally safe coatings. Ames manufactures the best coating products I have found for Oregon’s wet weather. The price, durability, and safety of these products are superb. Paint and Prime 25 year is a truly revolutionary product. In my painting business we get around 20 gallons of paint for every 15 gallons we buy because we are able to add 5 gallons of water and the paint is still thicker than most. Ames products are full of integrity and I am grateful to use them.