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RV Roof Coating Kit

Protect your investment, and enhance your comfort.


Reflects 88% of UV Rays



What's Inside?

When applied correctly, these trusted products will leave your RV more insulated from the elements so you can enjoy travel and cost savings.

  • 2 Gallons Blue Max Liquid Rubber Basecoat
  • 2x50 Seam Tape
  • Blue Max Caulk
  • 3.5 Gallons Maximum Stretch Top Coat


*Product Quantities needed may vary based on the model you have and the actual size of your RV roof.*

BLUE MAX® Original Blue Front five gallon bucket image

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Application Instructions

  1. Clean the RV roof surface thoroughly
  2. Apply one coat of Ames Blue Max to entire roof and let dry.
  3. Use seam tape around vents, protrusions, and problematic areas.
  4. Apply first coat of Ames Maximum Stretch and let dry.
  5. After first coat is dry, apply second coat of Ames Maximum Stretch.

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