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Mobilizing Your Job

Posted by Tim Simpson, Quality Control Manager, Maintenance Coating Inspector on 9th May 2024

Setting the Stage for Production

As a contractor, whether you are the Owner, Estimator, Project Manager, or Job Foreman you already know it is a must to land on the job running. But its another matter to make that happen.

Start out with a re-usable form style mobilization list. Every Contractor should have one for each type of roof system they are intending on installing.

Materials, material handling equipment, power tools, hand tools, roof safety equipment, Roof access equipment, Rigging, PPE – and the list goes on. If you have my recommended checklist type of form with everything that will be utilized on the job already in hand it is simple to list quantities on your form and fully mobilize the job. This also identifies lead time ordering requirements, equipment that needs to be pulled off the shelf and fired up to see if needed repairs are in order, and what equipment is now earmarked for this specific job thus longer available for others. This point in time is also a deadline for moving forward with plans for new equipment purchases, ordering wear parts for sprayers, etc.

Not having a spare pump or frequently used repair parts is a mistake on your part in pre-planning and will certainly result in lost time and money on the job. The down-hill effect delayed jobs have on your other project schedules will also have you juggling assets in no time. Shifting crews from one job to another due to unnecessary shutdowns simply means that you blew it up front on the mobilization. The monetary and scheduling loss is real and avoidable in many cases.