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Why Elastomeric?

Why Elastomeric?

What Does Elastomeric Mean?

It’s easy to think of elastomeric as synonymous with flexibility, meaning it can resume its original shape when a deforming force is removed. Coatings that are considered elastomeric expand and contract with the underlying layer (for example your roof, deck, or foundation). This is an important characteristic of a coating for you because of a process called Thermal Shock where roofs and foundations expand and contract due to hot and cold weather conditions.

What Makes Elastomeric Coatings Better?

Traditionally, asphalt and tar were used to waterproof roofs and foundations. The problem was they became brittle over time because the petroleum within these compounds becomes outgassed over time and would leave the substance with a brittle coating. Because it was so delicate, the coating would easily crack when thermal expansion occurred on a roof or settling occurred in a foundation.

That is why we use elastomeric technology in our coatings that are made from acrylic and rubber. Ames products do not crack… instead they flex (sometimes up to 1000%) with the surface and remain in a continuous unbroken, non-permeable film over the surface of your roof, deck, foundation, or basement. They do not become brittle and lengthen the lifespan of whatever surface you apply them to.