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Ames Case Study

Ames Case Study

5th Apr 2021

A Winning Strategy

At Ames Research Laboratories we look to provide not just the best solution, but one that will work for your budget while going beyond your expectations. We work with some of the best roofers in the industry, not just because they apply our product, but because they will provide you with the best solution to your roofing needs. Not every roof is going to need to be fully repaired/restored. In many cases Ames products can save costs while increasing longevity and reliability, when quoted by a roofing professional.

The challenge presented to Ames Research Laboratories was the renovation, remodel and reconstruction of a 74 year old 45,000 sq/ft commercial roof structure. The roof consisting of old tar and 14 layers of asphalt rolled roofing. The roof itself was in poor condition, leaks along with dry rotting and deteriorated drainage system. Although we were not originally contracted to do the repairs, Ames works with contractors (roofers) in providing third party consultations in alternative methods in repair. Namely with

Ames Seamless Monolithic Roof Membrane Systems

Our approach was to present to the client and the roofing contractors a cost reducing and improved roof that would extend the longevity and stability of the current roof sub-structure. This came in the form of three key methods:

The evaluation process, involved several key factors, all in coordination with multiple contractors involved. Ames worked with all parties: Building Facilities Manager, Roof Contracting Supervisor and other third party evaluators. Walking along the entire structure we evaluated key areas that presented by the original bidder reasons for a full roof replacement and drainage restructuring. Ames was able to evaluate the buildings structures and spots within the external roof, sub-structure, and drainage what needed repair. Ames was able to present an alternative to a full roof replacement.

With an original bid of over $500,000 the owner couldn’t afford a massive undertaking.

With that in mind, our team of professionals were able to layout a plan to repair affected parts and provide reinforcement plans that exceeded industry and regulation standards. By building and using our Ames Liquid-Applied Monolithic Membrane, Seamless System, we are able to create a watertight and reflective surface to extend the roof life, not only to the sound parts but also the damaged areas. Using either the building owners own maintenance personnel or having a qualified Ames independent applicator, however in this case the current roof contractor, perform the installation of the Ames Liquid-Applied Monolithic Membrane.

The solution was clear from all parties, and after review and comparison between the two assessments presented.

  • Have the roofing contractor quote the Repairs identified during the Roof Survey.
  • Have the roofing contractor quote installing an EPDM roof system on the flat portion of the roof above the production area susceptible to structural movement.
  • Have the roofing contractor quote the framing of extensive crickets in the roof to re-route drainage. This also included the replacement of all roof drains and scuppers with stainless steel scuppers and a TPO Membrane Roof at all the affected valleys.
  • Have the roofing contractor quote Time & Material Rates for the purpose of completing any additional repairs uncovered during work performance.
  • Have the roofing contractor consider applying an Ames Reinforced Seamless Monolithic Elastomeric Coating Membrane System over the balance of the roof areas.

The roofing contractor agreed to approach the project with the recommendations made and was consequently assisted by the Ames Roof Coatings System Manufacturer’s Representative at the site, and while not present provide the necessary crew training to properly apply the Ames Roof Coatings. All Ames Research Laboratories products come with a dedicated team of experts to assist with the continual care of your structure.

Final Project

The entire project was completed over the course of approx. 45 days from start to finish with the Contractor leaving the site for several weeks to accommodate another critical project.

To establish the comparative costs between the approach of full replacement of the roof and a partial repair with Coatings on the balance of the roof we combine the initial estimate along with the added repairs actually completed to come up with what the costs would have been to do a full tear-off.

Final Roof Project Expenses:

  • Cost of repairs to structural, new framing, drains, and flashings                                                              $26,501.15
  • Cost of EPDM Roof on the Penthouse Roof (6,000 sq. ft.)                                                                      $43,555.12
  • Cost of TPO Roofing at newly framed valley drainage (12,900 sq. ft.)                                                    $54,067.21
  • Labor Cost of Applying Ames Reinforced System – East Dome (15,300 sq. ft.)                                      $12,498.49
  • Labor Cost of Applying Ames Reinforced System – West Dome (9,300 sq. ft.)                                       $7,624.08
  • OH & Profit Margin for Labor at 25%                                                                                                        $5,030.64
  • Material Cost of Ames Reinforced Coating System – East Dome                                                            $33,456.06
  • Material Cost of Ames Reinforced Coating System – West Dome                                                           $20,408.20
  • Total Cost of Value Engineered Repairs Completed                                                                                $26,501.15

 Costs Incurred                                                                                                                                              $229,642.10

Initial Roof Costs Before Consult:

  • Base Bid to Remove and replace the roof (no repairs considered)                                                        $496,960.00
  • Actual Added Cost Incurred to complete structural & drainage repairs                                                  $26,501.15

Total Cost of a Full Roof Replacement                                                                                                          $523,461.15

Surface Area and Cost Breakdown

Surface Area Completed – by system

  • TPO at Perimeter Walkways and Crickets                                                                                            12,900 sq. ft. 
  • EPDM on the Penthouse Roof                                                                                                              6,000 sq. ft.
  • East Dome Roof Ames Reinforced System                                                                                          15,300 sq. ft.
  • West Dome Roof Ames Reinforced System                                                                                          9,300 sq. ft.
  1. (15,300 sq. ft. Dome area less 6,000 sq. ft. EPDM Roof @ Penthouse)
  2. (39% of West Dome is EPDM 61% of West Dome is Ames Coatings)

Total Roof Area Upgraded                                                                                                                           43,500 sq. ft.

Cost Breakdown

Cost / $                                 Cost/sq. ft.

  • Total Cost of a Full Roof Replacement (with repairs)                              $523,461.15                          $12.03
  • Actual Total Cost incurred                                                                       $229,642.10                          $5.27
  • Savings Realized by Saving the Useful Portion of the Roof                   $293,819.05                          $6.76

The methods utilized in problem solving allowed the trouble areas of the roof to be approached with long term solutions. Savings were substantial.


  • Changed drainage patterns to avoid future extensive structural damage.
  • Installed new drains when needed to eliminate water ponding issues and enhanced drainage.
  • Installed flat roof EPDM solution to structural movement issues at Penthouse.
  • Installed an Ames liquid applied reinforced membrane coating system that can be easily maintained by Facility Maintenance personnel creating a renewable resource.
  • Will save on cooling costs with white reflective roof
  • Saved on roof budget through a well-conceived project approach
  • Extended the life of this roof for decades.
  • Avoided expensive tear-off and landfill costs
  • Additional Environmental Benefits – Less material sent to landfill; Energy efficient, long-lasting, less mold risk at facility interior, reduced VOC, and sustainable roofing materials

The Ames Liquid-Applied Monolithic Membrane (Seamless) Roofing System has created a watertight and reflective surface to extend the life of the existing roof. Ease of application of an Ames Roof System allowed the building owner to use their own maintenance personnel working in tandem with a qualified independent applicator do the job.