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​Down to the Last Drop

​Down to the Last Drop

24th May 2023

You just finished protecting your roof, deck, or basement with Ames Research Laboratories premium coatings. Your main project is complete, but you still have some extra elastomeric paint in the bucket that you don’t want to waste. Here are a few crafts you can do to recycle that extra coating.

Give your plants a holder as beautiful as they are with Ames Coating. The coating is sure to last a long time without cracking or peeling and will bring a new look and feel to old, weathered pots. This is a great use for Liquid Granite.

If you just finished using our product in your remodel, that’s even better. We have also had customers use Ames Liquid Granite to create a beautifying effect. That is shown in this picture, where a pot was coated in Liquid Granite in Shoreline.

Window Frames

Make your shutters and window frames look good as new with that extra coating. Our roof and deck coatings are ideal for outdoor use so you know the paint job will last a long time and maintain its beauty. Ames Maximum Stretch roof coating is tintable and makes a great exterior house paint due to its elastomeric properties.

Seaworthy Sealant

Not just for your home! Make small toy boats with Ames waterproof rubber coatings. Just simply make a boat out of cardboard or tape and paint over it. Voila! You have a waterproof and sturdy boat.

This is an example of a charity event we helped with where these kids build full-sized boats using our coatings. Learn more about the event here.

Small Tables

All done coating your deck?

Renew your coffee tables or wooden outside tables next! Our Safe-T-Deck formulas help by increasing the strength of the surface through adhesion. This is meant to protect and preserve wood decks and floors but can also work for old wooden furniture you were looking to spruce up.