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Using Blue Max Under Shingles

Using Blue Max Under Shingles

16th Nov 2022

Don’t stop at your basement. You can use Ames Blue Max under your shingles to create a waterproof membrane for your roof.Preparation First, make sure the area you are about to coat is clean and use Peel and Stick seam tape on all seams. This is good protocol for all projects. Proper preparation …

​Monolithic Roofing Membranes- A Full Review

Posted by Tim Simpson, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager, Maintenance Coatings Inspector on 16th Nov 2022

What Is a Seamless Monolithic Roof? Roof care frequently seen as spot repairs instead of a defined preventative maintenance program. The result is often a decision reached by building managers and owners to completely replace a roof or to overlay the roof with a Seamless Monolithic Roof Membran …