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​What Makes Ames Research Different?

​What Makes Ames Research Different?

9th May 2024

Here at Ames Research, we like to believe we have the best products on the market. That’s not just our opinion though. We have the data to back it up.

Color Choices:

Sometimes white just isn’t your color. Many Ames products are tintable so you can fit our coatings to whatever project you’re working on. This is unique because you can choose your color from a spectrum, rather than relying on whatever the factory decides is a good color for you. Ames products also resist yellowing over time so, you maintain the right color for the lifespan of your paint.

Elasticity & Lifespan:

Ames products are the most elastomeric in the industry. Some of our coatings can stretch up to 1200% and all of them set the benchmark for the field. This means they resist peeling and cracking because they move and flex with whatever surface you put them on and are therefore longer lasting than competitors.

American Made:

Ames Research Laboratory products are American made and we are based out of Salem, Oregon.

Anti-Fungal & Secure Seal

Some Ames coatings are made with an anti-fungal treatment to protect the coatings from molds that could grow in the wet areas you would need to waterproof. This protects the coatings from wearing down faster than normal and keeps your lungs healthy in interior use. They also can help provide a barrier to keep unwanted pests and insects from coming into your home.

Flame Resistant:

Here at Ames Research Laboratories, we have done a lot of testing to ensure you are getting the product you want and need. Our laboratories have tested the flammability of our products versus our competitors and found most of our coatings are nearly fireproof while many of our competitors are the opposite. This is important in extreme environments where your coating will be exposed to the elements constantly and could be at risk of igniting if it is too easily combustible.

Odorless & Low VOC:

When you are coating interior spaces, you don’t want to deal with the smells that traditionally come along with painting, especially in areas with little to no ventilation such as basements. Ames Research Laboratories makes powerful products with low VOC, and most are nearly odorless.

Ames products look good, work well, and last. Make the right choice for your home and get your project done right the first time with Ames Research Laboratories coatings.