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Capstone® Granite is an interior/exterior, water-based, single component acrylic coating with a multi-color blend of decorative chips suspended in the product for a “granite like” appearance. This coating is ideal for horizontal and vertical surfaces such as pool decks, porches, patios, decks, walkways, walls, and more. *BUY 3 OR MORE 5 GALLON PAILS & GET FREE SHIPPING*

Best applied to concrete and masonry surfaces

Most easily applied with a Hopper Gun

Non-toxic, eco-friendly, low VOC & made in the USA

2022 Pro Tools Innovation Award Winner

Elevate your concrete surfaces to a new level of elegance with AMES Capstone Granite, the winner of the prestigious 2022 Pro Tools Innovation Award. This revolutionary solution redefines concrete enhancement, effortlessly achieving stunning "granite-like" aesthetics both indoors and outdoors. Featuring a single-component acrylic formulation with pre-suspended decorative chips, it offers versatile and user-friendly application on various surfaces such as walls, floors, sidewalks, and pool decks, providing the appearance and durability of epoxy without the struggle and hassle of 2-part mixing and color flake broadcasting.

• Award-Winning Innovation: Recipient of the 2022 Pro Tools Innovation Award for groundbreaking excellence.
• Effortless Elegance: Transform concrete effortlessly into captivating "granite-like" surfaces.
• Simple Application: Single-component acrylic with pre-suspended decorative chips for seamless use on interior and exterior surfaces.
• Indoor and Outdoor: Enhance various concrete surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.
• Versatile Beauty: Achieve versatile decorative effects on walls, floors, sidewalks, and pool decks.
• User-Friendly: Easy application with options for hopper gun or trowel, enabling precise layering.
• Eco-Conscious: Formulated with eco-friendly values, non-toxic, low VOC for a sustainable choice.
• Low Odor, Easy Cleanup: Minimal odor formula that ensures effortless cleanup with water.
• Made In The USA: A woman-owned, veteran-founded business that guarantees superior quality.
• Granite-Like Appearance: Provides a durable, seamless, glossy, skid-resistant surface.
• Non-Toxic: Eco-friendly and low VOC, with fully suspended color chips for hassle-free application.

Surface Preparation:
• Surface must be pressure washed to remove all contaminants, loose paint, dirt, debris, and other foreign matter that can impede adhesion.
• To promote adhesion, concrete should have the texture of 80 grit sandpaper before application.
• Surface must be completely dry before coating.
• Conduct a test patch to ensure proper adhesion.

Application: Spray Application: • Utilize a hand-held hopper gun (Air compressor needed) with a 1/4" or 5/16" tip size and an air compressor with 3-4 CFM at 90 PSI. Trowel Application: • Apply in multiple thin layers, allowing each coat to dry for 12-24 hours. Avoid applying too thick to prevent cracking. Treat the first coat as a skim layer that leaves some of the surface exposed. The second coat with fill in any voids for a flawless finish. Occasionally a 3rd coat may be needed.

Transform your concrete surfaces effortlessly into sophisticated works of art with AMES Capstone Granite. Upgrade with ease and confidence, achieving a durable epoxy-like finish without the struggle and hassle of 2-part mixing and color flake broadcasting.

2 Reviews

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    Capstone Granite on Various Retaining Wall Projects

    Posted by Crooked Creek Ventures LLC on 5th Dec 2022

    You guys rock! As an owner of several hillside investment properties, I have had several projects in the past few years involving new poured concrete and existing masonry block retaining walls needing a decorative and protective coating system. I had concerns regarding adhesion, color retention, durability and also wanted a green environmentally friendly coating to work with. Their team listened to my jobsite descriptions - looked at my photos of the proposed work - then recommended specific surface prep and application considerations for my projects in addition to the Application Guides available. As a result of their jobsite specific recommendations, their guidance afforded me the opportunity to improve how I installed drainage systems on one of the two projects behind the hillside retaining walls. I completed the first project in the summer of 2020 then moved ahead with the second in the summer of 2021 after reviewing the first project's performance over all four seasons here in Southern Oregon. Both projects are performing very well after their respective one and two years of exposure with excellent adhesion, color retention, and durability. A major plus is the finished appearance of the multicolor finish. It has the appearance of sandblasted granite without the expense! I'm glad I took a few minutes to photograph my jobsites and ask their knowledgeable staff a few questions before getting started! I know time = money and the Ames Team helped me save both while improving the results beyond my expectations! Feel free to have any of your customers give me a call. You have my phone number on file. Posted by T.P. Simpson, Crooked Creek Ventures LLC 12-05-2022

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    Excellent concrete floor coating!

    Posted by Nolan Fridley, Fridley Custom Homes on 1st Dec 2022

    As a builder in the PNW we have installed several different concrete floor coatings. This product was simple to install and saves time compared to the more complex epoxy systems on the market. We were very happy with the final result and I will definitely be using this in the future. It's helpful to know that this company shares the same values for quality and service that our company does. Highly recommend it!