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Maximum-Stretch® is a white, elastomeric, acrylic, rubberized roof coating & sealant with 650% elongation to resist cracking & peeling. With 88% light reflectivity, the bright white finish reduces surface temperatures resulting in lowered cooling costs.

Use on metal, built-up roofing, rolled roofing, concrete, EPDM & wood

Designed for low-slope roof maintenance 

Non-toxic, eco-friendly, low VOC & made in the USA

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Maximum-Stretch® is a white, elastomeric, acrylic, rubberized roof coating & sealant with 650% elongation to resist cracking & peeling. With 88% light reflectivity, the bright white finish reduces surface temperatures resulting in lowered cooling costs.

16 Reviews

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    Kudos to your product techs

    Posted by Randy Sujat on 27th Sep 2020

    I am repairing and coating my old exterior cinder block wall above grade. Per Ames Tech I am applying Maximum Stretch over Block and Wall Liquid Rubber. I am very impressed by both products. The coatings are thick but brushes on better than any paint I ever used. Time will tell but right now I would definitely recommend this product. Also, kudos to the Ames techs for a quick response to questions.

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    Money well spent

    Posted by Rocky R. on 22nd Jan 2019

    I applied ames roof coatings to 3 schools in WV. The roofs were already leaking and had been for a few years. The coatings cost about 7 percent the price of 3 new roofs. It was money well spent. The roofs are not leaking and have withstood temperatures from minus 5 to 95 F. We applied the product just like the direction said and we used a sprayer.

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    Perfect for RV's

    Posted by Jeff K. on 20th Nov 2018

    I can't say enough good things about Ames Research products like Maximum Stretch, especially for RV's. I recently coated my mother's entire 5th wheel trailer roof with 2 coats of white Maximum Stretch after rolling on a layer of Ames Super Primer, on advice from Ames staff. It took only a couple of hours and I saved hundreds in cost if I had a contractor do it. Plus, with all Ames products clean up was really easy using water. I also sealed the joints and other attach points a couple of years ago on my own motorhome roof with Max Stretch and Super Primer and have never had a leak in rainy western Oregon. Plus, I used their Blue Max product, along with their seam tape to seal up leaking RV holding tanks in two motorhomes I have owned with no leaks either with the interior fresh water or outside the coach black and gray water tanks. This stuff works

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    You will save a lot of money with this

    Posted by Corkey G. on 19th Nov 2018

    I own a commercial building in Corvallis, OR that has a flat roof with a slight slope, but has areas along the parapit walls where the rain water does not drain. Based on the slope of the roof there are area that always puddles and does not drain all the rain water off of the roof. I was told by a friend about a product called Maximum Stretch that had a elastomeric rubber coating application and could be rolled on flat roofs. The process called for seam tape to be used over all roof seam joints and to use a two coat process. I found the process to apply the product to be extremely easy and effective. Now here is the good news. When this product came out, I was told it would last for 15 years with some maintenance at times, this product lasted 22 years without any additional maintenance. When this product is applied right from the beginning you will save a lot of money over future years to come. This product was a great business decision.

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    Leak-free for 8+ years

    Posted by Min B. on 28th Oct 2018

    Excellent product Coated my pumphouse and it's been leak free ever since. Going on 8 years now.

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    No leaks!

    Posted by Gary S on 8th Oct 2018

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Ames metal roof sealant products you recommended are working great. We have a 4 season room on the back of our home that is about 20 years old. Over the years, the I-beam, panel, skylight roof had developed a few leaks and I tried numerous caulks, etc from local stores, but the leaks continued. After discovering Ames products online, I decided to try them. The recommendation of going with the 3-stage process, seam tape, primer and final coat is working very well, we followed the recommended application process, and now, no leaks. Thank you and the Ames company for your great products.

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    I wish I had this earlier

    Posted by Lynn J. on 19th May 2017

    Great Stuff I have had problems with my upper plywood deck for years. I was constantly recoating it with Restore Deck, which turned out to be a very poor choice. I found and used the Ames Maximum Stretch over the Elasto Barrier and it held up very well, no leaking. I only wish I had found this product before doing all that unnecessary work. Thank you, Ames.

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    No leaks for 10 years

    Posted by Phil G. on 6th Apr 2017

    Good Stuff Time to order some more and re-do the roof. I Put this on a concrete storm pit roof 10 years ago. I had tar that would need to be patched 3 or 4 time a year to stop leaks. I ordered the primer and the Elastor barrier, then topped with the Maximum streach and had no leaks for 10 years. Have a leak now, so I am going to order more and just recoat. I could patch the one place it is leaking, but this was recommended to be recoated in 5 years and it lasted 10 so I am going to recoat. I think it has done very well, to be on a flat roof in the southern sun.

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    Gained 5-7 years!

    Posted by Phil L. on 16th Sep 2016

    I ordered both the Super Primer and Super Stretch about 8 years ago. I got a 5-gallon pail of the Super Primer, and two 5 gallon pails of the Super Stretch. I have a flat roof for our converted playroom with the rubber sheeting that was installed 7 years earlier and I wanted put a coating on it instead of replacing it. So back then i put on two coats of the Primer, and one pail turned out to be enough for the Super stretch. I still had two thirds of the Primer left over. I put the primer in the basement, along with the unopened Super Stretch. About 18 months ago, I noticed the coatings started to alligator in some places, especially near my downspout. Still no leaks. Based upon what was written on the cans in terms of longevity, it lasted a lot longer than they say it will. So I finally got around to digging out the pails from my basement and applied both again this month. The Primer was a little tackier after two coats this time, but that was ok since I was putting a top coat on. I waited a week, and then applied the pail of Super Stretch. It had never been opened in the 8 years since I bought it, and it was fresh and had almost no separation of ingredients. Very little mixing was required. Last time, I had used a driveway coater squeegee to apply both products. This time I used a normal 9 inch paint roller with the three eighths inch nap, with an extension pole. Very easy to apply both products. I probably put the Super Stretch on a little thick, since I used the whole 5 gallons on about 270 square feet, including cutting in the area around the drain and along the main brick flashing of the house. But i figured the first application lasted more than years with no issues, so I'd do the same. Replacing the roof with a new rubberized coating will probably cost me $1,500 or more now, so spending about $250 to gain 5 years of life is a bargain. I will be back for more in 5-7 years. Great Stuff.