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Renew Your Deck

Renew Your Deck

24th May 2023

Whether it’s a platform for soaking up some rays, grilling the perfect burger, or sharing some cold drinks among neighbors, it’s hard to imagine the perfect sunny day without a good deck.

Decks made from composite lumber have a lot of positive qualities from being strong, light, and less likely to break down. However, they tend to be more costly and are still at risk of falling victim to weathering and water damage. Ames’ deck formulas are designed to protect your investment as well as renew your deck from past damage and make your deck look good as new. Our Safe-T-Deck coating also creates a non-slip surface to keep your family safe.

You will need:

  • Ames Super Primer
  • Ames Safe-T-Deck
  • Roller and paint brush

To prepare your composite deck for treatment by pressure washing to ensure a clean surface. Let that dry completely before applying any product. If deck is old, split, or pressure treated we suggest you apply one coat of Ames Super Primer (1 gallon per 200 square feet) and let dry thoroughly.

Using a brush or roller, apply Safe-T-Deck to your surface. As with most of our products, we suggest at least two coats, but the more you put on the longer your project will last. Apply liberally so it seeps into cracks and imperfections. Each coat will take about one gallon of coating per 100 square feet.

This product is best applied between 50° to 90° F (10° to 32° C) on warm, dry surfaces. Apply when the sun is up and there’s no sign of anticipated precipitation. Safe-T-Deck starts to dry in two to eight hours, but you should allow for a full day between coats for best results, depending on thickness of application and weather it will cure in 24 hours. There are environmental factors that will alter these time frames such as low temperatures, high humidity, or morning dew. Be aware of your environment and account for it when using our products.

Ames deck coatings can be tinted to fit your color scheme.